Our aim is to make mental health assessment easily accessible to everyone so we developed our own online programme to do just that.


You may be someone who wants to be more aware of what's going on in your brain and learn how to look after it better. Or you may be someone (or know someone) who suffers from poor mental health. Either way the Tranquality Assessment Programme (TAP.) will give you a really useful insight into how your brain is performing and help you to stay focussed on your mental wellbeing.

The following options will help you understand what it does, what the benefits are and who it is for.


Try out the basics of our online assessment programme 


Terms - No obligation free trial


To help you get a feel for how the TranQuality Assessment Programme works we will give you access to the following:


  • PHQ-9 & GAD-7 online questionnaires

  • Your results scores to view only - no access to the system or account set up

Who is it for?  

The TAP. Demo is for anyone who wants to gain an immediate insight into their mental health, based on the results of clinically validated questionnaires designed to measure levels of depression or anxiety. You can try it right now if you like.

How do I join?

You don't need to become a member to use the TAP. Demo, all you need to do is provide your Name, Email and DoB

TAP. is our online programme that helps you gain a deeper understanding of your mental health


Terms - Annual subscription - £36.00 / £3 per month

Full access to the TranQuality Assessment Programme offers more in depth personal profiling, additional services and enables you to regularly monitor your mental health. T.A.P. includes the following:


  • Account set up and secure access to your personal mental health data

  • Depression & Anxiety online questionnaires

  • Detailed personal profiling questionnaire

  • Results tracking and comparison

  • Unlimited use 

  • Next steps action plan

Who is it for?  

TAP. is for individuals who want to gain a deeper insight into their mental health and who want to be able to regularly monitor their mental health without the need to engage a health care professional.

TAP. is also for individuals who may be suffering or who have previously suffered with poor mental health. The programme can help them to monitor the effects of any treatment or therapies they may be using or to be aware of any changes in their mental health state.

How do I join?

To start using TAP. is simple, just sign up to the plan and choose your payment option to create your secure account. 








TAP.Premium members have the additional benefit of a QEEG which maps the brain and provides a detailed objective assessment of how it is performing. The results are analysed and discussed in person at one of our TranQuality venues with a TranQuality life coach





Terms - Annual subscription - £120 / £10 per month

In addition to all the online features of TAP. our Premium members also receive these additional health assessment benefits to gain an in depth, objective insight into their mental health:

  • All standard T.A.P. features 




  • A QEEG at a TranQuality venue

  • Neuroscientific objective analysis and results feedback

  • Quarterly TranQuality Life Coach one-to-one check-in

  • A designated TranQuality Life Coach

Premium Members also can book additional QEEGs and TranQuality Life Coach one-to-one sessions at 50%


Who is it for?  

T.A.P. Premium is for individuals who want to objectively and thoroughly understand how their brain is performing and learn more about how best to look after their brain in order to stay as mentally healthy as possible.

T.A.P. Premium is also for individuals who are suffering or who have previously suffered with poor mental health. QEEG brain mapping provides objective, detailed information that can guide treatment and other interventions and over time they can track their progress towards their mental health goals.

How do I join?

To start using TAP.Premium you just need to sign up to the programme where you will also select your TranQuality venue and be connected with your TranQuality life coach. You can also upgrade to TAP.Premium at any time if you are an existing TAP. member.


Introducing TAP. 

The TranQuality Assessment Programme that makes mental health assessments something everyone can do