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Working with like minded organisations to change mental health

Navigo Health and Social Care

NAViGO offers a wide range of help and support across North East Lincolnshire and beyond to a range of individuals. TranQuality provides assessment and treatment services for depression and anxiety for Navigo patients.

Sheffield City Trust

Sheffield City Trust was the first leisure trust formed in the UK. Since 1987 they have led the way with an unrivalled mix of sport, leisure and entertainment venues to become The Health and Wellbeing Charity. TranQuality has established a mental health centre at Ponds Forge, one of the Trust's key sports and leisure venues. Through this partnership we hope to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the city and beyond.


Grounded in research, committed to treatment, and focused on results, MagVenture continues to invest in developing TMS solutions of superior quality for both research and clinical use. Their ultimate goal is to help facilitate new treatment options for those who need it. TranQuality uses MagVenture equipment and works closely with MagVenture to bring TMS to more individuals so that we can meet the rising demands for mental health. 

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