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Scientifically, how do you know if you are depressed or anxious?

You might find yourself asking, how do I really know if I am depressed or anxious?

Until now, mental health problems like depression and anxiety are predominantly measured and diagnosed using questionnaire-based tools. Although there is some merit in tests like these, the subjective nature of these assessments means they can be misinterpreted and ultimately, lack a scientific basis to form diagnosis.

The TranQuality Mental Health Assessment can scientifically highlight if you are depressed or anxious

The neuroscientific reason behind depression and anxiety

Within neuroscience, analysing the brain’s natural electrical activity is the key to understanding mood, with vast evidence on links between phenotypes and mood disorders.

For example, if you are suffering from depression, your capacity to process information becomes very slow. In basic terms, the electrical communication between the neurons in your brain are under-active.

In contrast, if you are suffering from anxiety the electrical communication between the neurons in your brain are over-active, which essentially means your brain is running on overdrive. This can cause feelings of being out of control and give you a sense of anxiety.

How can a Mental Health Assessment help me understand my mood?

TranQuality’s Mental Health Assessments take the guess work out of understanding mood disorders, so you can now really know if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, with a valuable objective diagnosis.

Visually understand if you are suffering from depression or anxiety.

The, non-invasive, innovative technology we use allows us to monitor the electrical activity in your brain. The assessment is medically validated and totally safe, it's similar to having a routine dental check-up or having an eye test.

Your personal results are delivered in the form of a 3D visual representation of your brain. If your results suggest a tendency to depression or anxiety, your assessment results will highlight the regions of your brain that are affected.

3D visual brain map highlighting mood disorders like depression and anxiety
The TranQuality Mental Health Assessment allows patients' to visually see signs of depression or anxiety. The image inset is a 3D representation of a patient's brain highlighting signs of depression in both the left and right frontal areas.

Are you interested in having a Mental Health Assessment?

As an individual, if you are interested in scientifically understanding your mood, click here to register your interest in having your personal Mental Health Assessment.

TranQuality also offers Mental Health Assessments as part of a programme designed for organisations to help guide employee wellbeing.

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