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Scientifically understand if you are depressed or anxious


An objective Mental Health Assessment allows you to scientifically understand your mood. The assessment monitors the electrical communication in your brain, showing if there are areas of overactivity or under-activity.  The results from your assessment are neuroscientifically analysed and delivered in the form of a 3D visual map. This allows you to objectively understand if you are likely to be suffering from mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression. 


Are Mental Health Assessments safe?


The innovative technology used as part of the Mental Health Assessment is non-invasive and totally safe, it is similar to having an eye test or going to the dentist for a routine check-up.


Pop-up clinics around the UK start in early 2019 


TranQuality is currently based in the UK in Sheffield and Hull. The exciting news is that as of 2019 we will be running pop-up centres in different locations around the UK, giving thousands more people access to our unique technology.

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