Our mission is to raise awareness of the risk that poor mental health poses to our population and encourage people worldwide to act on mental health

We are a health and wellbeing company helping people to understand their mental health objectively, and offer solutions to help improve it.


Our Mental Health Assessment Programme equips organisations with the tools to provide informed mental health support to their employees, students, players and members.


For those suffering from depression and anxiety disorders, Targeted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (tTMS) is an innovative, neuroscientific treatment. Treatment has little to no side effects and is an incredibly efficient option with proven results in less than 2 weeks.


Whether you are aware of suffering from poor mental health or not, we believe everyone has the right to an independent, objective understanding of their mental health and is in an informed position to Act on Mental Health.


our clinicians

Our clinical team are experts in the emotional wellbeing sector. Prof. Mortimer and Dr. Robertson have over 18 years’ experience with TMS treatment of mood disorders and in 2017 they received the NHS Medipex Award for innovation in mental health treatment.


Chief Medical Officer

Depression is ubiquitous in modern society, it is poorly understood and too often inadequately treated. Drug treatments may not be tolerated, while psychological interventions are effortful and not suitable for many patients. Targeted TMS by contrast combines helping patients get better quickly, safely and effectively, with advancing our understanding of how the brain works. I am involved with TranQuality because our work makes targeted TMS widely available, so that the individual and societal burden of depression can be relieved.


I have 36 years in psychiatry, 30 of them as a Consultant, and 22 years as a Professor. I have treated over three thousand patients and I have a comprehensive understanding of depression in all its forms, including substantial expertise in both the psychological formulation of depression and pharmacological treatment.  I have spent the last two decades using TMS in depression and anxiety disorders with Dr Robertson and in 2017 we won a major regional NHS innovation prize for our work, the NHS Medipex award. 


Chief Technology Officer

What Prof. Mortimer and I have developed, over many years of collaboration, is a unique treatment for mood disorders. I treat patients who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders and help them to change and restore their mental health, so they can enjoy life. Personally, the feeling this gives me is incomparable and immensely satisfying.  One of our patients remarked that I have a ‘fantastic job’ and indeed I do, I love what we do and would not change it for anything else.


I have a Ph.D. in psychology and bring over 30 years of clinical and cognitive neuroscience research to TranQuality. In particular my expertise in the neuroscientific process, we use as part of the Mental Health Assessment programme, and in clinical tTMS treatment. Last year we won an NHS Medipex award for Innovation in Mental Health Treatment, in recognition of our unique brand of targeted TMS to treat mood disorders.


our executive team 


Chief Executive Officer

The effect of mental ill health on individuals, organisations and society is significant and growing. I joined TranQuality to develop a service to help millions of people a year through assessments and treatment. Systematically assessing peoples’ mental wellbeing, as we do with dental or other health checks, allows us to identify those at risk or currently suffering and enables us to offer them counselling and treatment.


I have a PhD in Occupational Medicine/Ergonomics and I am a Chartered Psychologist (C.Psychol). I have worked in high tech and medical tech for more than 25 years and have seen how technology can personalise medical diagnosis and treatment around the world. I have led and expanded companies and combine significant business experience with strong academic credentials including a Master’s degree from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.


I believe that by using technology appropriately, we can reach and help make a positive impact on the significant number of people suffering from mental ill health.


Executive Chairman

Over many years I’ve seen the impact of poor mental health on friends and family. I’ve also experienced depression in the past and been blessed to overcome it.  Daily, I see and hear of the devastating effect of mental health problems throughout the world. The rise of this pernicious disease in young people should be halted for the wellbeing of future generations.


My dream is that starting now we can make a difference - first removing the stigma, second, identifying early symptoms, and third reducing the need to treat with medication. 

I put my 40 years’ experience of business development in multinational public companies, high growth technology SMEs and my extensive global network of connections behind our mission to Act on Mental Health.

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