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We work with organisations to help reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace

We are part of the national initiative to create a more open and informed attitude towards mental health in the workplace.


Our pioneering TranQuality Assessment Programme (TAP) has been developed for organisations who want to better understand workplace pressures and to help them improve mental health and wellbeing within their organisation.


The process can be hugely beneficial to both employee and organisation alike. The MHAP is a voluntary process that employees feel comfortable with and open towards. All personal data is strictly confidential yet the process also generates a wealth of information about the workplace that employers will find hugely beneficial.

TranQuality is a health care company specialising in mental wellness. We help people to become more aware of their mental wellbeing and we promote openness towards mental health through better understanding, regular monitoring and healthy practices. We also treat anxiety and depression using tTMS, a proven and effective alternative to conventional drug treatments.


We help individuals take better care of their mental health

Whilst there is still a long way to go, mental health awareness is steadily improving and more and more people are including mental wellbeing practices as part of their general health regime.


Our TranQuality Assessment Programme enables individuals to continually monitor their mental health state and to better understand the influence that their lifestyle and work pressures can have on it.


We help people to gain a much greater understanding of their mental health as well as providing feedback and advice on relevant interventions if they are needed. This could include mindfulness techniques to help keep our brain healthy through to tTMS treatment for those suffering with an illness such as depression or anxiety.

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We also treat depression and anxiety disorders using tTMS, a proven and effective non-drug treatment approved by NICE

We understand the impact that stress, depression and anxiety can have on our lives, and how difficult it is when we suffer from poor mental health.


tTMS at TranQuality provides a neuroscientific treatment for people who are looking for a positive outcome without being reliant on antidepressants or therapy and which allows you to take control of your mental health.


tTMS is a proven, safe and effective scientific treatment, focussing on the brain's natural electrical activity. It is also validated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It is non-invasive, pain-free and unlike antidepressant medication, side effects are both uncommon and very mild.


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